Game Preservation Act, 1930

Issue of game dealers' licences.

21.—(1) A Justice of the District Court upon an application being made to him by any person and upon payment by such person of the fee required by law may, subject to the provisions of this section, issue to such person a licence (in this Act referred to as a game dealer's licence) for the sale of game at such place or places within the district of such Justice as shall be specified by the applicant and may, in like manner and subject as aforesaid, from time to time renew any such licence issued by him unless the same has been terminated under this Act.

(2) Every application for the issue or renewal of a game dealer's licence shall be made in writing and shall be in the prescribed form and contain the prescribed particulars, and, in the case of an application for a renewal of a licence, shall be made within fourteen days before or within one month after the expiration of the licence or the last renewal thereof, as the case may be.

(3) Before granting a game dealer's licence under this section the Justice shall be satisfied that:—

(a) the applicant for such licence is a fit and proper person to receive and hold such licence, and

(b) the premises in which such applicant proposes to carry on the business of selling game are suitable for the carrying on of such business, and

(c) having regard to the nature of the business heretofore carried on by such applicant, such applicant reasonably requires such licence.