Game Preservation Act, 1930

Recognition of game preservation societies.

15.—(1) The Minister may by order declare any society association, or club formed for the promotion of the preservation of game or for the promotion or improvement of the breeding or training of dogs used in the pursuit of game to be a recognised association for the purposes of this section and may at any time at his absolute discretion revoke any such order previously made by him.

(2) Where any lands have, with the consent of the occupier thereof (given in writing), been reserved by a recognised association for the purpose of killing, taking, or preserving game thereon and notice of such reservation has been published on two separate occasions in a newspaper circulating in the district in which such lands are situate, then and in every such case any prosecution in the District Court in respect of trespass on such lands for the purpose or in the course of the pursuit of game may be instituted at the suit and in the name of the secretary of such recognised association, and it shall not be a defence to any such prosecution (whether instituted in the name of such secretary or in the name of some other person) or to any prosecution for an offence under, this Part of this Act in relation to the killing or taking of game on such lands for the defendant to prove that he was authorised by the occupier of such lands to kill or take game thereon.

(3) In the foregoing sub-section of this section the expression “recognised association” means a society, association, or club in respect of which an order under this section declaring it to be a recognised association for the purposes of this section is for the time being in force.