Agricultural Produce (Fresh Meat) Act, 1930

Part II.

Regulations as to Slaughtering Animals and the Preparation, etc., of Fresh Meat and Offals.

Regulations for the preparation of fresh meat.

26.—(1) The Minister may by order make regulations (in this Act referred to as regulations for the preparation of fresh meat) in regard to all or any of the following matters:—

(a) the manner in which animals the meat of which is intended for export are to be assembled and penned for slaughter;

(b) the manner of slaughtering such animals;

(c) the times at which slaughter may take place;

(d) the manner of dressing, cleaning, hanging, cooling and weighing fresh meat and offals intended for export;

(e) the preservatives (if any) which may be used in fresh meat or offals intended for export.

(2) Regulations made under this section in regard to the manner of slaughtering animals shall provide that all cattle shall, before being slaughtered, be effectually stunned by means of an efficient mechanically operated instrument of a type approved by the Minister and operated by a male person of not less than eighteen years who is certified by the Minister to be competent to operate such instrument.