National Health Insurance Act, 1929

Failure to submit evidence of incapacity.

14.—(1) Where an insured person, who has given notice of illness within the prescribed time, fails or neglects for a period exceeding twelve months to submit or continue to submit medical or other satisfactory evidence of the incapacity in respect of which such notice was given he shall be treated as if he had recovered from the incapacity as from the end of the period in respect of which he last submitted such evidence, unless either the approved society administering the benefit is satisfied or, in the case of a dispute, it is decided in manner provided by the Acts that the insured person had a reasonable excuse for not submitting or continuing to submit medical or other satisfactory evidence of incapacity.

(2) An insured person shall not cease by reason of anything contained in the foregoing sub-section to be an insured person at a date earlier than the date upon which he would otherwise have ceased to be an insured person under the Acts.