Agricultural Credit Act, 1929

Priority charges by personal representative under Amending Act of 1928.

19.—In any case in which all the circumstances mentioned in paragraphs (a) to (e) of sub-section (1) of section 2 of the Amending Act of 1928 are present save that the person mentioned in the said paragraph (a) is dead and the fact of his death and the name of his personal representative are noted in the register mentioned in that paragraph and the charge mentioned in the said paragraph (c) is made by such personal representative in his capacity as such personal representative, then the said sub-section (1) of the said section 2 shall apply to the said charge and such charge shall have priority accordingly and shall, for the purposes of the said Act and particularly for the purposes of sub-sections (2) and (3) of the said section, be deemed to be a charge to which priority is given by the said section, and such charge shall also be deemed to have been made in due course and for the purposes of the administration of the estate of the said deceased person.