Bodies Corporate (Executors and Administrators) Act, 1928

Rules for giving effect to this Act.

3.—(1) The rules set forth in the Schedule to this Act shall (subject to any modifications made therein under this section) have effect in relation to grants of probate and of letters of administration to bodies corporate under this Act and to applications for such grants.

(2) Rules of Court may be made for giving effect to this Act and in particular for modifying in their application to bodies corporate enactments relating to executors and administrators or either of them and for prescribing the person who is to act on behalf of a body corporate for the purpose of any oath required to be taken or any other thing required to be done by an executor or an administrator on an application for or otherwise in connection with a grant of probate or letters of administration as the case may be.

(3) Rules of Court made under this section may modify (whether by way of addition, annulment or variation) all or any of the rules set forth in the Schedule to this Act.