Dentists Act, 1928

Information as to course of study, etc., to be furnished to Medical Council.

42.—(1) Every university or college which is authorised by this Act to hold qualifying examinations in dentistry or dental surgery and to grant as a result of such examinations certificates of fitness to practise dentistry or dental surgery shall from time to time as and whenever so required by the Medical Council, furnish to the Medical Council such information as the Medical Council may require relating to such examinations and such certificates and the course of study to be completed by candidates for such examinations and generally the conditions to be fulfilled before such certificates as aforesaid are granted by such university or college.

(2) For the purpose of satisfying itself upon any matter or thing relating to which any such university or college as aforesaid is required under the foregoing sub-section to furnish information to the Medical Council, the Medical Council may appoint a fit and suitable person whether such person is or is not a member of the Medical Council to attend any qualifying examination held by such university or college and every person so appointed may attend such qualifying examination.