Dentists Act, 1928

Board of examiners.

39.—(1) The governing body of every university or college in Saorstát Eireann which is authorised by this Act to hold qualifying examinations in dentistry or dental surgery shall appoint in accordance with the provisions of this section a board (in this Act referred to as a board of examiners) for the purpose of conducting such qualifying examinations and granting certificates of fitness to persons as a result of such examinations.

(2) Every board of examiners shall consist of and be maintained at not less than six persons of whom not less than three shall be appointed from persons who are registered in the register.

(3) Every member of a board of examiners shall hold office as such member for such period as the governing body of the university or college by which he is appointed shall determine.

(4) Whenever a vacancy occurs in the membership of a board of examiners the governing body by which such board was appointed may and, when necessary for the maintenance of the minimum membership, shall fill such vacancy.