Dentists Act, 1928

The establishment of the register.

23.—(1) As soon as may be after the establishment of the Board, the Board shall prepare and establish a register of dentists to be known as “The Register of Dentists for Saorstát Eireann” and in this Act referred to as the register.

(2) As soon as the Board is in a position to appoint a date for the establishment of the register and in any event not later than ten months after the passing of this Act the Board shall communicate in writing to the Minister the date (not being less than two months after such communication nor more than twelve months after the passing of this Act) on which they desire the register to be established and thereupon the Minister shall by notice published by him in the Iris Oifigiúil declare that the register shall be established as on and from such date or such later date as the Minister may think proper to specify in such notice.

(3) The notice to be published in the Iris Oifigiúil pursuant to the foregoing sub-section shall be so published not less than one month before the date specified therein for the establishment of the register.

(4) All references in this Act to the establishment of the register as a point in time shall be construed as referring to the date declared by the Minister under this section to be the date as on and from which the register shall be established.

(5) From and after the establishment of the register the Board shall maintain and keep the register in accordance with this Act and the regulations made by the Board thereunder.

(6) The register shall be in such form as the Board shall, with the approval of the Minister, prescribe.