Dentists Act, 1928

Making of regulations by the Board.

21.—The Board may by regulations made by it prescribe all or any of the following things, that is to say:—

(a) the procedure of the Board at its meetings and otherwise,

(b) the maintenance and keeping generally of the register and, with the approval of the Minister, the form of the register,

(c) the form and mode of application for registration in the register and the evidence to be given on such application of the title of the applicant to be so registered,

(d) subject to the provisions of this Act and the approval of the Minister, the fees to be paid for the registration of persons and for the retention of persons on the register,

(e) the preparation, printing, publication, and sale generally of the dental register and, with the approval of the Minister, the form of the dental register,

(f) the conduct of and proceedings at inquiries into the conduct of registered persons alleged to have been guilty of infamous or disgraceful conduct in a professional respect.

(g) so far as is authorised by this Act, the delegation to the registrar of the powers and duties of the Board in relation to the register,

(h) any matter or thing referred to in this Act as prescribed or to be prescribed by regulations made by the Board and not hereinbefore expressly mentioned.