Courts of Justice Act, 1928

Assistant Justices of the District Court.

13.—(1) In addition to the number of Justices of the District Court (in this section referred to as ordinary Justices) prescribed by section 68 of the Principal Act, there may be appointed not more than four additional Justices of the District Court (in this Act referred to as assistant Justices) to discharge the duties imposed by this Act on assistant Justices.

(2) An assistant Justice shall be a Justice of the District Court within the meaning of the Principal Act and accordingly all the provisions of the Principal Act in relation to Justices of the District Court shall, so far as they are not inconsistent with this section, apply to assistant Justices.

(3) The age of retirement of an assistant Justice shall be 65 years.

(4) Every assistant Justice shall receive a salary of £800 per annum and such salary shall be charged on and be payable out of the Central Fund or the growing produce thereof.

(5) An assistant Justice shall be eligible to be appointed an ordinary Justice.

(6) Any assistant Justice may be temporarily assigned by the Minister from time to time as occasion requires as an additional Justice for any District and every assistant Justice while so assigned to any District shall have in relation to such District and concurrently with the ordinary Justice permanently assigned to such District all the privileges, powers and duties for the time being conferred or imposed by law on the Justice of the District Court assigned to such District.