Currency Act, 1927

Denominations and other particulars of gold coins.

6.—(1) Every coin issued under this Act shall be of one or other of the denominations specified in the first column of the Second Schedule to this Act, and every such coin shall be of the standard weight and the standard fineness specified in respect thereof in the second and fourth columns respectively of the said Second Schedule, but there shall be allowed in respect of all such coins the remedy (or variation from the standard weight or the standard fineness) stated in respect thereof respectively in the fifth column of the said Second Schedule.

(2) The Minister may by order prescribe the dimensions and design of the several denominations of coins issued under this Act and every coin so issued shall be of the dimensions and design so prescribed in respect thereof.

(3) The Minister may by order prescribe the manner in which coins coined under this Act are to be tested for the purpose of ascertaining whether they do or do not comply with the provisions of this Act.