Local Government Act, 1927

Duties to be performed by boards of health in joint districts.

3.—(1) The powers and duties of a county council under or in pursuance of any of the enactments specified in the Second Schedule to this Act and, save where the Minister shall otherwise direct, under the Tuberculosis Prevention (Ireland) Acts, 1908 and 1913, shall be exercised and performed in a joint district through and by the board of health for the county health district co-terminous therewith or included therein.

(2) A board of health shall not appoint under the Tuberculosis Prevention (Ireland) Acts, 1908 and 1913, a committee of management for a hospital or dispensary established under those Acts, but shall themselves exercise the powers and duties of such committee subject to any delegation of such powers and duties made by them under section 13 of the Principal Act.

(3) The expenses of the exercise and performance by a board of health in a joint district of any powers and duties under this section shall be raised equally over the whole of such joint district by means of the poor rate.

(4) Section 15 of the Principal Act is hereby repealed.

(5) This section shall come into operation on the 1st day of April, 1927.