Electricity (Supply) Act, 1927

Notice to be given to undertakers before removing.

94.—(1) Twenty-four hours' notice in writing shall be given to the authorised undertaker by every consumer before he quits any premises supplied with electricity by the authorised undertaker, and, in default of such notice, the consumer so quitting shall be liable to pay to the authorised undertaker the money accruing due in respect of such supply up to the next usual period for ascertaining the register of the meter on such premises or the date from which any subsequent occupier of such premises may require the authorised undertaker to supply electrical energy to such premises, whichever shall first occur.

(2) Notice to the effect of this section shall be given to every consumer in one or more of the following ways, that is to say:—

(a) by including such notice in every agreement entered into with a consumer, or

(b) by specially serving such notice on every consumer, or

(c) by endorsing such notice on every demand note for charges for electricity.