Electricity (Supply) Act, 1927

Appointment of arbitrators by the Minister.

88.—(1) The Minister may after consultation with the Attorney-General appoint a fit and proper person to be an arbitrator to determine any matter which is by this Act or any order or regulation made thereunder directed to be determined by an arbitrator appointed by the Minister.

(2) There shall be paid to every arbitrator appointed under this Act such fee in respect of every arbitration held by him under this Act as shall be determined by the Minister with the approval of the Minister for Finance and such fee shall be paid by such party to such arbitration or by the parties to such arbitration in such proportions as the arbitrator in his award shall determine.

(3) Every arbitrator appointed under this Act shall have power by notice in writing signed by him to summon witnesses and to require the production of books and other documents, and any person so summoned who fails to attend or refuses to give evidence before such arbitrator and any person who fails or refuses to produce any book or other document the production of which is so required of him shall be guilty of an offence under this section and shall be liable on summary conviction thereof to a fine not exceeding ten pounds.

(4) All evidence given before an arbitrator appointed under this Act shall be given on oath which oath such arbitrator is hereby empowered to administer, and any person who gives false evidence before any such arbitrator shall be guilty of perjury and punishable accordingly.

(5) An arbitrator appointed under this Act shall have power in his discretion to award to any party to the arbitration his costs and expenses in relation to the arbitration or any part thereof to be paid to him by any other party to such arbitration, and whenever any such arbitrator so awards any such costs or expenses he shall have power to fix the amount of the costs and expenses so awarded.

(6) An arbitrator appointed under this Act shall have power to adjourn the arbitration as he thinks fit and shall also have power to inspect and examine and for that purpose to enter upon any lands and premises the subject of the arbitration or in relation to which the arbitration is held.