Electricity (Supply) Act, 1927

Mutual assistance.

68.—(1) Any two or more authorised undertakers may, with the approval of the Board, and if so required by the Board shall, enter into and carry into effect arrangements for the mutual assistance of the one by the other with regard to all or any of the following matters, that is to say:—

(a) the giving and taking of a supply of electricity and the distribution and, supply of the electricity so taken,

(b) the management and working of the generating stations or other parts of the several undertakings of the authorised undertakers who are parties to the arrangement,

(c) the provision of capital required for carrying into effect, and the appropriation and division of receipts arising under, any such arrangement,

(d) any matters or things incidental to or connected with any of the matters aforesaid.

(2) Any arrangement made under this section shall be made on such terms and conditions as may be agreed between the parties thereto with the approval of the Board, or, if the arrangement is made in pursuance of a requirement by the Board, on such terms and conditions as in default of agreement shall be settled by the Board.

(3) Unless the Board determines that such arrangement is necessary in the interest of the general supply of electricity in the district, the Board shall not require an authorised undertaker to enter into an arrangement under this section for taking a supply of electricity from some other specified authorised undertaker if it is proved to the satisfaction of the Board that, having regard to all the circumstances of the case, including the duration of the period during which the supply is to be taken and the estimated financial results likely to be obtained during that period, the authorised undertaker would if he obtained a supply of electricity from some other source be in a position to give a supply of electricity adequate in quantity and regularity to meet the present and prospective demands of his consumers at a cost less than that at which he could give such a supply if he obtained the supply from that specified undertaker.

(4) Where an arrangement has been duly made under this section, any authorised undertaker who is a party thereto may be authorised by the Board by order to exercise such powers (including the power to break up roads, railways, and tramways) as may be necessary for the purpose of carrying the arrangement into effect.

(5) The provision of capital required for giving effect to an arrangement made under this section and the payment of interest on such capital whilst the expenditure remains unremunerative shall be purposes for which a local authority which is an authorised undertaker may borrow under this Act.

(6) The Board may by order—

(a) authorise any authorised undertaker to supply electricity in bulk to any person either within or outside the area of supply of such authorised undertaker and whether such person is or is not himself an authorised undertaker.

(b) provide for any such supply as aforesaid being compulsory, and

(c) make such provisions as appear to the Board to be necessary for adapting this Act to the giving of such supply in bulk.