Electricity (Supply) Act, 1927

Constitution of authorised undertakers by the Board.

36.—(1) The Board may by special order authorise any person (notwithstanding any enactment prohibiting such person from generating electricity for distribution and supply to the public or from distributing and supplying electricity to the public) to generate, distribute, and supply or to distribute and supply to the public electricity for all purposes within a particular specified area which at the date of the order is not included in and does not include the whole or any part of the area of supply of an authorised undertaker.

(2) There shall be paid to the Board in respect of the making of every special order made under this section by the person authorised by such order to generate, distribute and supply or to distribute and supply electricity such fee as shall be fixed in that behalf by the regulations made by the Board under this Act and the payment of such fee shall be a condition precedent to the making of such order.

(3) Every special order made under this section shall operate to constitute the person thereby authorised to supply electricity to be the authorised undertaker for the particular area specified in the order and to confer on such person the exclusive right to supply electricity in such area.