Electricity (Supply) Act, 1927

Investigations and surveys by the Board.

28.—(1) The Board may conduct such investigations, experiments, and trials as the Board thinks fit for the improvement of the methods of transmission, distribution, and supply of electricity or of the utilisation of fuel, water power, or other means of generating electricity and may establish and maintain a testing laboratory for the testing and standardisation of electrical instruments.

(2) The Board may take such measures as, in the opinion of the Board, are calculated to advance the exploitation of water power in Saorstát Eireann and may organise and carry out national power and hydrometric survey work and make or arrange for the making of such maps, plans, sections, and estimates as are necessary for any of the purposes aforesaid.

(3) The Board may enter on any lands or premises for the purpose of doing thereon or on any other lands or premises all or any of the things which the Board is by this section authorised to do or making thereon or on any other lands or premises any inquiry, investigation, or examination preliminary or incidental to the doing of any such thing.