Medical Practitioners Act, 1927

Exercise by the Executive Council of the functions of the Council.

20.—(1) If at any time the Executive Council is satisfied, either after such inquiry as the Executive Council thinks fit to make or without such inquiry, that the Council has on any occasion failed to do any matter or thing which the Council is authorised or required by this Act to do and the doing of which by the Council on that occasion was in the opinion of the Executive Council necessary or appropriate for the proper exercise of the functions or the proper discharge of the duties conferred or imposed on the Council by this Act, the Executive Council may by, order direct the Council to do such matter or thing and for that purpose to do such other matters or things ancillary or incidental thereto as may be specified in such order.

(2) If the Council fails to comply with the directions contained in an order made by the Executive Council under this section, the Executive Council may themselves take such steps as they think fit to carry out the directions contained in such order or may direct the Minister to carry out the said directions and for that purpose the Executive Council and (if so directed) the Minister shall have and may exercise such of the rights and powers conferred on the Council by this Act as are necessary for the due compliance with such directions.