Medical Practitioners Act, 1927

Meetings and procedure of the Council.

13.—(1) The Council shall fix the times and places of its meetings and every meeting of the Council subsequent to the first meeting thereof shall be held at the time and place so fixed.

(2) The procedure of the Council at its meetings and otherwise shall be conducted in accordance with the regulations in that behalf made by the Council under this Act.

(3) One-third of the members of the Council shall constitute a quorum.

(4) Every decision to be made by the Council at any meeting thereof shall be made by a simple majority of the members of the Council present at such meeting and voting on such decision.

(5) The President of the Council shall act as chairman of every meeting thereof at which he is present and in the absence of the President from any such meeting the members of the Council present at such meeting shall elect one of their number to be the chairman of such meeting.

(6) Whenever at a meeting of the Council an equal number of votes of the members of the Council present and voting is cast for and against a proposed motion or resolution the chairman of such meeting shall, in addition to his vote as a member of the Council, have a casting vote.

(7) The Council may act notwithstanding one or more vacancies in its membership.