Juries Act, 1927

Publication and supply of copies of panel.

50.—(1) Whenever jurors are summoned to attend in a Court during a sittings, a copy of the panel of jurors prepared for that sittings shall be prominently exhibited in a convenient place to which the public have access in the building in which the sittings are held and such panel shall be so exhibited on the first day on which the jurors named in such panel are required to be in attendance in the Court and shall be kept so exhibited thenceforward until the last day of such sittings.

(2) The empanelling officer or one of the empanelling officers by whom a panel of jurors for the trial of criminal issues is prepared under this Act shall supply on demand one copy of such panel free of charge to any accused person who is intended to be tried with a jury selected from such panel.

(3) The empanelling officer or any of the empanelling officers by whom a panel of jurors is prepared shall supply a copy of such panel to any person applying for the same within three days before or at any time during the sittings to which such panel relates and paying the prescribed fee therefor.