Land Act, 1927

Vesting of holdings of tenants of the Land Commission.

53.—(1) If the tenant of any holding on an estate purchased by the Congested Districts Board refuses to enter into an agreement for the purchase of the holding, or of a new holding offered to him in exchange for the holding, upon the terms offered by the Land Commission and at the price which they are prepared to advance, then, notwithstanding that the tenants on the estate to the extent of three-fourths in number and rateable value may not have agreed to purchase their respective holdings, the Land Commission (other than the Judicial Commissioner) may, after serving notice upon the tenant and considering any objections made by him, make an order declaring him to be the purchaser of the holding or of the new holding, as the case may be, for such price and upon such terms and conditions as may be specified in the order, and the tenant shall thereupon be deemed to have entered into a Purchase Agreement on the date named in the order for the purchase of the holding, or for the surrender of the holding and for the purchase of the new holding offered to him in exchange, as the case may be, for the price, and upon the terms and conditions so specified, and the purchase shall be completed accordingly and the provisions of sub-sections (2), (3) and (5) of section 23 of the Irish Land Act, 1909 , shall apply to an exchange of holdings effected by an order under this section.

(2) An appeal shall lie from any order under this section to the Judicial Commissioner who shall have power to reverse or confirm the order or to make any order which might have been made by the Land Commission.