Land Act, 1927

Provisions with respect to improvements.

22.—(1) The powers conferred on the Land Commission by any of the Land Purchase Acts to expend moneys for the improvement of lands may be exercised at any time for the improvement of lands which have been sold or are subject to an agreement for sale under any Land Purchase Act or which were vested in the Land Commission under the Land Law (Commission) Act, 1923.

(2) In the absence of agreement between the Land Commission and the purchaser, so much of the money so expended as the Land Commission shall certify in that behalf, shall be repayable by means of an annuity or annuities charged upon any land, which the Land Commission certify to have been benefited by such expenditure, as if the said sum had been advanced for the purchase of the land in pursuance of a subsequent purchase agreement under the Land Act, 1923 , the said annuity to be consolidated so far as circumstances permit with any existing Land Purchase Annuity to which the land is subject.

(3) No such expenditure, unless previously sanctioned, shall be made by the Land Commission by way of free grant after the lands to be improved have been vested in a purchaser save with the approval of the Minister for Finance.