Railways (Road Motor Services) Act, 1927

Bye-laws in relation to road motor services.

11.—(1) A railway company which runs a road motor service under this Act may make bye-laws for regulating the travelling upon, using and working of, and the enforcement of charges in respect of such service and may by any such bye-law prescribe the penalty not exceeding a fine of forty shillings which may be inflicted on persons found by a court of summary jurisdiction to be guilty of contravening such bye-law.

(2) No bye-law made under this section shall be of any force or effect unless and until confirmed by the Minister, and every such bye-law when so confirmed shall come into operation on the date appointed in that behalf by the Minister when confirming the same or, if no such date is so prescribed, immediately upon such confirmation.

(3) All bye-laws made under this section shall be published in such manner as the Minister shall direct.

(4) Any person found guilty by a court of summary jurisdiction of contravening a bye-law made under this section may be sentenced by such court to suffer any penalty not exceeding the penalty prescribed by such bye-law in respect of such contravention or, where no penalty is so prescribed, not exceeding a fine of forty shillings.

(5) Whenever danger or annoyance to the public or to any section of the public is caused by or may reasonably be apprehended from a contravention of a bye-law made under this section, any officer or servant of the railway company by which such bye-law was made may interfere to obviate, remove, or prevent such danger or annoyance and in particular may remove, if necessary by force, from the premises or any vehicle of such company the person so contravening such bye-law, but no such interference or removal shall relieve from or prejudice the liability for any penalty in respect of such contravention.