Industrial and Commercial Property (Protection) Act, 1927

Register of patents.

45.—(1) There shall be kept at the Office a book called the register of patents, wherein shall be entered the names and addresses of grantees of patents granted under this Act, notifications of assignments and of transmissions of such patents, of licences under such patents, and of amendments, extensions, and revocations of such patents, and such other matters affecting the validity or proprietorship of such patents as may be prescribed.

(2) The register of patents shall be prima facie evidence of all matters by this Act directed or authorised to be inserted therein.

(3) Copies of deeds, licences, and any other documents affecting the proprietorship in any patent or in any licence thereunder, must be supplied to the controller in the prescribed manner for filing in the Office.

(4) Certified copies of all entries in the British register relating to British patents which by virtue of this Act are deemed to be patents granted under this Act shall be furnished to the controller and shall be entered in the register of patents under this Act, but it shall not be obligatory to make such entries in the register until the first occasion on which certified copies of such entries in the British register are required by or under this Act to be furnished to the controller.