Industrial and Commercial Property (Protection) Act, 1927

Restoration of lapsed patents.

36.—(1) Where any patent has become void owing to the failure of the patentee to pay any prescribed fee within the prescribed time, the patentee may apply to the controller in the prescribed manner for an order for the restoration of the patent.

(2) Every such application shall contain a statement of the circumstances which have led to the omission of the payment of the prescribed fee.

(3) If it appears from such statement that the omission was unintentional and that no undue delay has occurred in the making of the application, the controller shall advertise the application in the prescribed manner, and within such time as may be prescribed any person may give notice of opposition at the Office.

(4) Where such notice is given the controller shall notify the applicant thereof.

(5) After the expiration of the prescribed period the controller shall hear the case and issue an order either restoring the patent or dismissing the application: Provided that in every order under this section restoring a patent such provisions as may be prescribed shall be inserted for the protection of persons who may have availed themselves of the subject-matter of the patent after the patent had been announced as void in the Journal.

(6) An appeal shall lie from the decision of the controller under this section to the court.