Industrial and Commercial Property (Protection) Act, 1927

Extension of term of patent.

34.—(1) A patentee may, after advertising in manner provided by rules of the court his intention to do so, present a petition to the court praying that his patent may be extended for a further term, but such petition must be presented at least six months before the time limited for the expiration of the patent:

Provided that the court may in its discretion extend such period within which such a petition may be presented.

(2) Any person may give notice to the court of objection to the extension.

(3) On the hearing of any petition under this section the patentee and any person who has given such notice of objection shall be made parties to the proceeding, and the controller shall be entitled to appear and be heard, and shall appear if so directed by the court.

(4) The court, in considering its decision, shall have regard to the nature and merits of the invention in relation to the public, to the profits made by the patentee as such, and to all the circumstances of the case.

(5) If it appears to the court that the patentee has been inadequately remunerated by his patent, the court may by order extend the term of the patent for a further term not exceeding five years, or, in exceptional cases, ten years, or may order the grant of a new patent for such term as may be specified in the order and containing any restriction, conditions, and provisions the court may think fit.