Industrial and Commercial Property (Protection) Act, 1927


187.—In this Part of this Act—

the expression “musical work” means any combination of melody and harmony, or either of them, printed, reduced to writing, or otherwise graphically produced or reproduced; the expressions “pirated musical work” and “pirated copies” respectively mean any musical work written, printed, or otherwise reproduced, without the consent, lawfully given, of the owner of the copyright in such musical work;

the expression “plates” includes any stereotype or other plates, stones, matrices, transfers, or negatives used or intended to be used for printing or reproducing copies of any musical work: Provided that the expressions “pirated copies” and “plates” shall not, for the purposes of this Part of this Act, be deemed to include perforated music rolls used for playing mechanical instruments, or records used for the reproduction of sound waves, or the matrices or other appliances by which such rolls or records respectively are made;

the expression “artistic work,” and the word “publication” in relation to any work, and the word “infringing” when applied to a copy of a work in which copyright subsists, have the same meaning as they respectively have in Part VI . of this Act.