Industrial and Commercial Property (Protection) Act, 1927

Minister may make general rules, etc.

153.—(1) The Minister may make such general rules and do such things as he thinks expedient, subject to the provisions of this Act—

(a) for regulating the practice of registration under this Act;

(b) for classifying goods for the purposes of designs and for the purposes of trade marks;

(c) for making or requiring duplicates of specifications designs, trade marks, drawings, and other documents;

(d) for securing and regulating the publishing and selling of copies, at such prices and in such manner as he thinks fit, of specifications, designs, trade marks, drawings, and other documents;

(e) for regulating (with the approval of the Minister for Finance) the publication, issue, and sale of the Journal and all supplements thereto, reports, and other documents which the controller is by this Act required or authorised to publish or issue, and for regulating the matters to be published in the Journal and such supplements, reports, and other documents respectively;

(f) for securing and regulating the making, printing, publishing, and selling of indexes to, and abridgments of, specifications, designs, trade marks, and other documents in the Office, and providing for the inspection of such indexes and abridgments and other documents;

(g) for regulating (with the approval of the Minister for Finance) the presentation of copies of publications made under this Act to patentees and to public authorities, bodies, and institutions at home and abroad;

(h) for regulating the keeping of the several registers to be kept pursuant to this Act;

(i) for prescribing any matter or thing referred to in this Act as prescribed or to be prescribed;

(j) for doing anything which is by this Act authorised or required to be done, or is in this Act referred to as being or to be done, by general rules made under this Act;

(k) generally for regulating the business of the Office, and all things by this Act placed under the direction or control of the controller, or of the Minister.

(2) General rules made under this section shall whilst in force be of the same effect as if they were contained in this Act.

(3) All rules made in pursuance of this section shall be advertised twice in the Journal, and shall be laid before both Houses of the Oireachtas as soon as practicable after they are made, and if either House of the Oireachtas within the next forty days after any rules have been so laid before that House, resolves that the rules or any of them ought to be annulled, the rules or those to which the resolution applies shall after the date of such resolution be of no effect, without prejudice to the validity of anything done in the meantime under the rules or to the making of any new rules.