Industrial and Commercial Property (Protection) Act, 1927

Proceedings upon application.

14.—(1) The controller shall refer every application for a patent to an examiner.

(2) If the examiner reports that the nature of the invention is not fairly described, or that the application, specification, or drawings have not been prepared in the prescribed manner, or that the title does not sufficiently indicate the subject-matter of the invention, the controller may refuse to accept the application or require that the application, specification, or drawings be amended before he proceeds with the application; and in the latter case the application shall, if the controller so directs bear date as from the time when the requirement is complied with.

(3) Where the controller refuses to accept an application or requires an amendment, the applicant may appeal from his decision to the law officer, who shall, if required, hear the applicant and the controller, and may make an order determining whether and subject to what conditions (if any) the application shall be accepted.

(4) The controller shall, when an application has been accepted, give notice thereof to the applicant.