Industrial and Commercial Property (Protection) Act, 1927

Costs and security for costs.

135.—(1) The controller and the Minister shall, in any proceedings before either of them under this Act, respectively, have power by order to award to any party such costs as he may consider reasonable, and to direct how and by what parties they are to be paid, and any such order may be made a rule of the court.

(2) If any party giving notice of any opposition under this Act, or applying to the controller for the revocation of a patent, or giving notice of appeal from any decision of the controller under this Act, neither resides nor carries on business in Saorstát Eireann, the controller, or in case of appeal to the Minister, law officer, or the court, the Minister, law officer, or the court may require such party to give security for the costs of the proceedings or appeal, and in default of such security being given may proceed to treat the proceedings or appeal as abandoned.