Intoxicating Liquor Act, 1927

Six-day licences.

8.—(1) In this Act the expression “Sunday-closing condition” means such condition as is mentioned in sub-section (2) of this section and the expression “six-day licence” means an on-licence containing a Sunday-closing condition whether such licence was granted before or after the passing of this Act and whether such condition was inserted in such licence under this Act or under an enactment repealed by this Act.

(2) Where on the occasion of an application for a certificate for a new on-licence or a certificate for a transfer or renewal of an on-licence, the applicant, at the time of his application, applies to the Court to insert in his certificate a condition that he shall keep the premises in respect of which such licence is or is to be granted closed during the whole of Sunday, the Court shall cause the said condition to be inserted in such certificate and whenever such condition is so inserted in such certificate such condition shall also be inserted in the licence granted, transferred, or renewed in pursuance of such certificate.

(3) There shall be inserted in every certificate for the transfer or renewal of a six-day licence and in every licence granted in pursuance of such certificate the like Sunday-closing condition as is contained in the licence so transferred or renewed.

(4) The holder of a six-day licence shall keep the premises to which such licence relates closed during the whole of Sunday, and if such premises are situate in a county borough, the provisions of this Act relating to prohibited hours shall, in so far as such provisions relate to Sundays apply to such premises as if the same were not situate in a county borough.

(5) The notice which a licensed person is required by section 11 of the Licensing Act, 1872 , to keep painted or affixed on his premises shall, in the case of a six-day licence, contain such words as the Court may order for giving notice to the public that a six-day licence has been granted in respect of the premises.