Coroners (Amendment) Act, 1927

View of the body and burial order.

6.—(1) At or before the first sitting of an inquest on a body the coroner shall view the body, and if at any stage of the inquest before the body has been buried the coroner so directs, or a majority of the jury so desires, the body shall be viewed by the jury also:

Provided that where a previous inquest on the body has been begun but not completed it shall not be obligatory upon the coroner holding a subsequent inquest to view the body.

(2) A coroner may at any time after he has viewed a body upon which he decides to hold an inquest by order under his hand authorise the burial of the body, and shall give the order to the relative or other person to whom it is required by the Births and Deaths Registration Act (Ireland), 1880 to be so given.