Betting Act, 1926

Grant of totalisator licences.

24.—(1) The Minister may if and whenever he thinks fit grant to such persons as he thinks fit licences (in this Act referred to as totalisator licences) to set up, maintain, and work totalisators, and every such licence shall operate to authorise the person to whom it is granted (who shall be named in the licence) to set up, maintain, and work a totalisator at the place and on the occasion or occasions or during the period specified therein but subject to the conditions, restrictions, and regulations stated in or, by virtue of this Act, incorporated with the licence.

(2) The Minister may charge for the grant of any totalisator licence such sum or sums as he shall think fit to charge in respect of such licence, and the sum or sums so charged may be either a single payment or a series of periodical payments and may be either of fixed or of variable amount and in the latter case may be calculated by reference to the sums staked by means of the totalisator to which the licence relates.

(3) A totalisator licence may be granted in respect of any one or more specified places or in respect of all places of one or more specified classes or descriptions in Saorstát Eireann or any specified part of Saorstát Eireann and may be granted for one or more specified occasions or for all occasions of one or more specified classes or descriptions occurring during a specified period as the Minister shall think fit.

(4) The Minister may attach such restrictions and conditions as he shall think fit to each totalisator licence granted by him.