Finance Act, 1926

Powers of entry and search for documents.

26.—(1) Any officer of customs and excise may at any time enter any premises in which the business of bookmaking is or is believed by such officer to be carried on and may there search for, inspect, and take copies of or extracts from any books, accounts, letters, and other documents there found relating or believed by such officer to relate to the said business of bookmaking and may further require any person found in such premises to produce all documents in such premises relating to the said business.

(2) Every person who resists, obstructs, or impedes an officer of customs and excise in the exercise of any right or power conferred on such officer by this section or refuses without lawful and sufficient excuse to produce any document which he is required by such officer under this section to produce shall be guilty of an offence under this section and shall be liable on summary conviction thereof to an excise penalty of fifty pounds.