University Education (Agriculture and Dairy Science) Act, 1926


The lands and premises known as the College of Science in Upper Merrion Street, Dublin, with and subject to the following exceptions and reservations that is to say:—

Exceptions—The portion of the said premises which at the passing of this Act are in the occupation of

(a) the State Chemist and his staff;

(b) the seed testing and veterinary hygiene, branches of the Department of Lands and Agriculture.

Reservations—All necessary rights of access to the premises comprised in the foregoing exceptions.

Power for the Executive Council or any Executive Minister or any person or persons acting under the orders of the Executive Council or an Executive Minister at any time while the buildings or any part of the buildings adjoining the demised premises are occupied by Government Departments to do on, in, or in relation to the demised premises all such things as may appear to the Executive Council or such Minister to be necessary or expedient for the preservation or protection of the said buildings.

All such rights of entry and other rights as may be necessary for the proper exercise of the above-mentioned power.