River Owenmore Drainage Act, 1926

Commissioners to prepare draft award.

8.—(1) When and so soon as all the works to be executed under the scheme have been completed the Commissioners shall prepare and publish a draft award showing either in the body thereof or by means of appropriate maps, drawings, plans, sections, and schedules annexed thereto the following matters—

(a) in general terms, the lands drained or improved and the works executed pursuant to the scheme, and

(b) the particular lands actually drained or improved, the rated occupiers of such lands, and the several quantities of such lands occupied by such rated occupiers respectively, and

(c) the respective values at the date of the confirmation of the scheme of the said several quantities of the lands so drained or improved, and the amounts by which such values are respectively increased by the execution of the said works, and

(d) the proportions in which the said lands so drained or improved are to be liable to contribute to the drainage rate.

(2) The said draft award shall also contain in draft form the several provisions necessary for doing or providing for every matter or thing which is by this Act required to be expressed in or to be done or provided for by the final award.

(3) In fixing for the purposes of the draft award or the final award the proportions in which the drainage rate is to be contributed by the several quantities of the lands so drained or improved the Commissioners shall have regard to the extent to which such lands are respectively benefited or improved by the carrying out of the scheme.