River Owenmore Drainage Act, 1926

Minister for Finance may confirm scheme.

4.—(1) Upon presentation of the draft scheme to the Minister for Finance by the Commissioners the Minister for Finance may by order confirm the draft scheme either without alteration or with such alterations (whether by way of variation, addition, or omission) as he thinks proper to make therein.

(2) Within one month after the confirmation of the scheme by the Minister for Finance the Commissioners shall serve on every reputed proprietor, owner, or occupier of any land, right, or other property proposed in the scheme to be compulsorily acquired, interfered with, or otherwise affected a notice informing him that the scheme has been confirmed by the Minister for Finance and proposes the compulsory acquisition of or interference or dealing with some land, right, or other property (which interference or dealing (if any) and property shall be fully described in the notice) owned or occupied by him.