River Owenmore Drainage Act, 1926

Publication of draft scheme.

3.—(1) When the draft scheme has been prepared by the Commissioners, the Commissioners shall—

(a) publish by advertisement in the Iris Oifigiúil and one or more newspapers circulating in the County of Sligo a notice stating that the draft scheme has been made and the townlands to which it relates and naming a convenient place where the draft scheme (with all maps and other documents annexed thereto) or a copy thereof can be inspected, and

(b) serve on all rated occupiers of lands proposed in the draft scheme to be drained or improved and all reputed proprietors, owners, and occupiers of lands, rights, or other property proposed in the draft scheme to be compulsorily acquired, interfered with, or otherwise affected a copy of the notice to be published in the Iris Oifigiúil as aforesaid and also, in the case of every such reputed proprietor, owner, and occupier, a notice informing him that the draft scheme proposes the compulsory acquisition of or interference or dealing with some land, right, or other property (which interference or dealing (if any) and property shall be fully described in the notice) owned or occupied by him, and

(c) serve on the local authority charged with the maintenance of any public road or bridge proposed in the draft scheme to be diverted, removed, or otherwise interfered with a copy of the notice to be published in the Iris Oifigi[html]il as aforesaid and also a notice informing such local authority of the diversion, removal, or other interference so proposed.

(2) Every notice served on a rated occupier or on a reputed proprietor, owner, or occupier under this section shall contain or be accompanied by a statement or notice requiring such rated occupier or reputed proprietor, owner, or occupier, if he has any objection to the draft scheme or any map or other document annexed thereto, to communicate such objection to the Commissioners in the manner and within the time (not being less than one month) therein specified.

(3) At the expiration of the time limited in the said notices for the communication to the Commissioners of objections to the draft scheme, the Commissioners shall examine all such objections duly communicated to them and may make such (if any) alterations and modifications in the draft scheme as they think proper.

(4) When the Commissioners have considered the said objections (if any) and have finally settled and approved of the draft scheme they shall present the draft scheme as so settled and approved to the Minister for Finance for confirmation.