River Owenmore Drainage Act, 1926


1.—(1) In this Act—

the expression “the Commissioners” means the Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland;

the expression “the draft scheme” means the draft scheme to be prepared by the Commissioners under this Act;

the expression “the scheme” means the scheme confirmed by the Minister for Finance under this Act;

the expression “the county council” means the council of the County of Sligo;

the expression “the county fund” means the county fund of the County of Sligo;

the word “drainage” includes drainage by pumping either alone or in conjunction with other means, and all cognate words shall be constructed accordingly;

all expressions to which special meanings are assigned by the Local Government (Ireland) Act, 1898 have the special meanings so assigned to them respectively.

(2) In all references in this Act to lands drained or proposed to be drained, or to lands improved or benefited by drainage or proposed to be so improved or benefited, the word “lands” shall include lands, buildings, and premises of every description, whether urban or rural.