Court Officers Act, 1926


44.—(1) There shall be attached to every circuit court office such and so many summons-servers as the county registrar, with the sanction of the Minister and (as regards numbers) of the Minister for Finance, shall think proper.

(2) Every such summons-server shall be appointed by the county registrar with and subject to the approval of the Minister and shall hold office at the will of and may be removed by the Minister and shall be paid out of moneys to be provided by the Oireachtas such salaries as the Minister shall, with the consent of the Minister for Finance, direct.

(3) Whenever there is in the opinion of the county registrar reason to believe that any such summons-server has misconducted himself or displayed gross incapacity in the performance of his duties, the county registrar may suspend such summons-server from the performance of his duties for any period or periods not exceeding altogether one month pending the decision of the Minister on the matter.

(4) Every such summons-server shall be and is hereby declared to be competent to serve within the area served by the circuit court office to which he is attached any writ, summons, process, notice or other document issued by or from any court.