School Attendance Act, 1926

Inspection and copies of registers of births and deaths.

19.—(1) Every superintendent registrar or registrar of births and deaths or other person having the custody of the register books kept in accordance with the Births and Deaths Registration Acts (Ireland), 1863 to 1880 shall at all reasonable times permit any school attendance officer without any fee or other payment to inspect the register books in the custody of such superintendent registrar and to take such copies or notes of entries in such books as he shall deem necessary for the purpose of the execution of his duties under this Act.

(2) Whenever any person requires to ascertain or prove for any purpose arising under this Act the age of a child such person shall be entitled to obtain from the enforcing authority of the school attendance area in which such child resides a requisition in the prescribed form for a certificate of the date of the birth of such child and shall, on presenting such requisition duly filled up and signed together with a fee of sixpence at the office of the superintendent registrar or appropriate registrar of births and deaths, be entitled to be supplied by such superintendent registrar or registrar with a copy duly certified under the Births and Deaths Registration Acts (Ireland), 1863 to 1880 of the entry in the register books kept under those Acts of the birth of such child.

(3) Every registrar of births and deaths shall as and when so required by an enforcing authority furnish to such authority a return in the prescribed form (if any) of such of the particulars as shall be specified by such authority of the births and deaths of children registered by such registrar.