Street Trading Act, 1926

Disposal of goods seized by Gárda Síochána.

11.—(1) Whenever any goods are seized and removed under this Act by a member of the Gárda Síochána the Commissioner may in the case of perishable goods not less than twelve hours and in the case of any other goods not less than three days after the seizure cause the goods to be sold and shall out of the proceeds of such sale defray all expenses incurred in the seizure, removal, storage, and sale of the goods and shall pay the surplus of such proceeds to the person who at the time of the seizure was the owner of the goods.

(2) Whenever any such goods as aforesaid include any article intended for human food or drink and such article is at any time before the sale thereof under this section unfit in the opinion of the Commissioner for human consumption, the Commissioner may cause such article to be destroyed.

(3) If before any such goods as aforesaid are sold under this section, any person satisfies the Commissioner that he is the owner of such goods and pays to the Commissioner all expenses incurred in the seizure, removal, storage, and any intended or attempted sale of the goods, the Commissioner shall hand over such goods to such person.

(4) All references in this section to goods shall be deemed to include every receptacle, vehicle, stand, utensil, article, and animal seized and removed with the goods.