Dublin United Tramways (Omnibus Services) Act, 1925

Cesser of powers and provision of penalties.

6.—(1) If within three years from the passing of this Act the powers conferred on the Company by this Act or some of them, be not exercised to the satisfaction of the Minister for Industry and Commerce and said Minister shall certify to the Oireachtas after public inquiry in reference thereto duly advertised and held, that the Company has been guilty of default or unreasonable delay in reference thereto, all the powers and authorities given by this Act to the Company shall cease and determine, save only as to so much of such powers as shall have been exercised and subject to such provisions and qualifications as in the opinion of the Minister for Industry and Commerce the case may require.

(2) If the Company shall at any time fail to comply with any of the provisions of this Act the Company shall be subject to a penalty not exceeding five pounds for every day on which such non-compliance continues and such penalty may be recovered in manner provided by the Summary Jurisdiction Acts.