Local Government Act, 1925

Superannuation of employees.

53.—Whenever, under the provisions of any public or local Act, a local body is empowered to grant to any of its employees, other than officers, an allowance in respect of the loss of his employment, section 42 , sub-sections (1) and (2) of section 44 , sections 46 , 49 , 50 and 52 of this Act shall be substituted for such provisions, and shall apply to the granting of such allowances, and to such allowances when granted with the following modifications, that is to say:—

(a) in such application the words “office” and “officer” shall include “employment” and “employee” respectively, and the word “salary” shall include “wages;”

(b) in calculating an employee's service only the continuous service of such employee under such local body at the date of the loss of such employment shall be reckoned;

(c) no allowance shall be granted to an employee under this section whose service is less than the period of service required by such public or local Act as a condition of his being granted an allowance thereunder.