Local Government Act, 1925

Borrowing powers of county councils.

11.—(1) The borrowing powers of a county council as rural sanitary authority for a county health district under the Public Health (Ireland) Acts, 1878 to 1919, shall be exercised directly by such county council, and shall not be delegated by virtue of this Act or otherwise to a board of health.

(2) Moneys borrowed before the appointed day by the council of a rural district and the liability for which is transferred by this Act to a county council, and moneys borrowed after the appointed day by such county council as sanitary authority for a county health district, shall not be reckoned as part of the total debt of such county council for the purpose of the limitation on borrowing imposed by sub-article (2) of Article 22 of the Schedule to the Local Government (Application of Enactments) Order, 1898.