Beet Sugar (Subsidy) Act, 1925

Recovery of overpayments.

6.—(1) If it is found at any time that any person has obtained any payment by way of subsidy under this Act to which or to part of which he was not lawfully entitled, the amount of that payment or of that part of the payment may, irrespective of the amount thereof and without prejudice to any criminal liability in respect thereof, be recovered by civil proceedings at the suit of the Attorney-General of Saorstát Eireann in either the High Court, the Circuit Court, or the District Court.

(2) In any proceedings under this section a certificate in writing signed by the Minister stating that a person has obtained a payment of specified amount by way of subsidy under this Act and that such person was not lawfully entitled to such payment or to a specified part thereof shall be conclusive evidence of those matters as stated in such certificate.