Beet Sugar (Subsidy) Act, 1925

Obligations of companies receiving subsidies.

3.—(1) Every person to whom a subsidy is paid under this Act in respect of sugar manufactured in any accounting year shall within ninety days after the end of such accounting year furnish to the Minister a balance sheet for such accounting year duly audited by a qualified auditor and also a profit and loss account for the same accounting year similarly audited.

(2) The balance sheet and profit and loss account to be furnished as aforesaid shall be drawn up in such manner as shall be prescribed by regulations made under this Act, and such balance sheet shall contain (in addition to any other matter required by such regulations) in the case of a company governed by the Companies Acts, 1908 to 1924, a summary of the company's capital, assets, and liabilities, and in the case of any other person a summary of the capital, assets, and liabilities employed in the business of manufacturing sugar, together with, in every case, such particulars as will disclose the nature of such assets and liabilities and the manner in which the value of the fixed assets was arrived at.

(3) Every such person as aforesaid shall on demand furnish to the Minister such explanations as the Minister shall think proper to require in respect of any balance sheet or profit and loss account furnished by such person pursuant to this section.

(4) A copy of every balance sheet and profit and loss account furnished to the Minister pursuant to this section shall be laid by him before each House of the Oireachtas within one month after such balance sheet and profit and loss account are so furnished to him.

(5) If any person makes default in complying with any of the provisions of this section such person shall be guilty of an offence under this section and shall be liable on summary conviction thereof to a fine not exceeding five pounds for every day during which the default continues.

(6) In this section the expression “qualified auditor” means an auditor possessing such qualifications as shall be prescribed by regulations made under this Act and the expression “accounting year” means and includes any period in respect of which the annual accounts of the company are made up.