Arterial Drainage Act, 1925

Publication of notices of draft award.

15.—(1) When a draft has been prepared by the Commissioners under this Act, the Commissioners shall publish by advertisement in the Iris Oifigiúil and one or more newspapers circulating in the district to which the final award when made would relate a notice stating that the draft award has been prepared and the townlands to which it relates and naming a convenient place where the draft award (with all maps and other documents annexed thereto) or a copy thereof can be inspected, and further stating that a public inquiry will be held in relation to the draft award at the time (not being less than three weeks after the first publication of such notice) and place specified in the notice.

(2) At the time and place specified in that behalf in the notices published pursuant to the foregoing sub-section a public inquiry in relation to the draft award shall be held by a person appointed for the purpose by the Commissioners, and all persons who in the opinion of the person holding the inquiry would be interested in or affected by the final award if made in the form of the draft award shall be entitled to appear and be heard (in person or by solicitor or counsel) and adduce evidence at such inquiry.

(3) The person holding such inquiry as aforesaid shall at the conclusion thereof report thereon to the Commissioners, and the Commissioners having considered such report may make such alterations (whether by way of variation, addition, or omission) in the draft award as they think proper.

(4) When the Commissioners have approved of the draft award with such alterations (if any) as aforesaid they shall make a final award in the terms of the draft award as so approved and such final award shall operate as is hereinafter in this Act specified.

(5) The Commissioners shall cause a true copy of the final award to be made and shall by endorsement thereon certify the same to be correct and shall then enroll the final award in the Record and Writ Office of the High Court and shall retain the said certified copy of the final award in their own custody.

(6) The final award when duly enrolled pursuant to this section shall be conclusive and binding on all parties, and a copy thereof issued and certified by the proper officer of the High Court shall be conclusive evidence that the final award was duly made and shall also be conclusive evidence of the contents of the final award.