Fisheries Act, 1925

Form, effect, and duration of licences.

19.—(1) Every licence issued under this Act for the sale of salmon and trout and every renewal of any such licence shall be in the prescribed form, and while the same remains in force shall operate to authorise the person named in the licence to sell and expose and keep for sale salmon and trout at the place or places (being within the district of the board of conservators by whom the licence is or was issued) specified in the licence.

(2) Every such licence shall terminate on the death of the holder and on revocation by the Minister under this Act and may be terminated by surrender by the holder thereof.

(3) Every such licence and every renewal thereof shall (unless the licence is previously terminated) continue in force until the expiration of the calendar year in which the licence was issued or last renewed (as the case may be) and shall then expire.